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The area covered by the Chamber of Commerce Kragujevac includes enterprises from the territory of two counties: Sumadija and Pomoravlje, with 13 municipalities.

The region is situated in the central part of the Republic of Serbia and covers the area of 5.000 km2 or 5, 6% of the total area of the Republic. The population of the Region totals 530.000 inhabitants in 365 places. Two major towns in this region are Kragujevac and Jagodina. The town of Kragujevac, as the regional center, is 120 km south from Belgrade, and the majority of municipalities are situated along the Belgrade - Nis highway.

Kragujevac, as a regional center, used to be a capital of Serbia principality in the period between 1818 and 1841. First institutions of great importance for the development of Serbia were established here, such as first Lyceum, theatre and pharmacy. The Gun foundry established in 1853 played a very important role in the development of Serbian industry.


Region is very well connected with rest of the country. A very good network of local and regional roads runs through the region. Being in the central part of Serbia, the most important high way runs through the region, high way Belgrade- Nis. Kragujevac is only 15 minutes drive away from Batocina, and that is the best and nearest motor way to connect to high way (E75). The work on finishing this sector of the road is in progress.


(Source: Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia)

  • Total population 530 000
  • Women 258 026
  • Men 244 385
  • Working population makes 66,1% of total population
  • Population older than 65 years makes 24,5% of total population
  • 46.3% of entire employed population is employed in the economy sector.
  • 36.7% of employed people lives in Kragujevac and 17% in Jagodina.
  • Monthly gross income is approx. 417 Euros
  • Monthly net income is approx. 300 Euros.
  • Number of enterprises in the region approx. 4 000
  • Number of shops over 17 000


Kragujevac is an important educational center of this region. The University of Kragujevac ( is founded in 1976, and though young, consists of 12 faculties and 2 institutes, six in Kragujevac and other six in towns Cacak, Kraljevo, Uzice and Jagodina. More than 14 000 students take their courses on some faculty of University of Kragujevac.


Šumadija and Pomoravlje are regions with rich cultural and historical heritage and important cultural institutions, among oldest in the Serbia: theatre (Theatre in Kragujevac, first in Serbia, founded in 1835), cinemas, museums, libraries, radio and TV stations.


Šumadija and Pomoravlje is region with beautiful nature and are rich with natural resources: a lot of sightseeing sites, mountains, lakes, rivers, spas, monasteries, churches, caves, waterfalls, forts, swimming pools, aqua parks, vineyards and vine cellars.

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