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The overall external trade in the Region of Šumadija and Pomoravlje for the period January - December 2011 amounted to $1047.6 million. The value of exports amounted to $481.8 million, which was a 69% increase when compared to the same period last year, while the value of imports amounted to $565.8 million, which was a 16.8% increase relative to the same period last year.

The deficit amounted to $84 million, which was a decrease of 58% in relation to the same period last year. The export - import ratio equaled 85%, while it was 59% in 2010.

The major foreign trade partners in exports in the reference period were Germany, Slovakia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Italy and Slovenia.

The major foreign trade partners in imports in the reference period were Italy, Germany, Slovakia, Slovenia and Austria.

The EU is the main trading partner of the Region of Šumadija and Pomoravlje. Exports to the EU members participated with 54% of the total exports, but imports from EU participated with 77% of the total imports. Some 75% of the exports to EU were realized in four countries: Germany, Slovakia, Italy and Slovenia.

Our second major partner refers to the CEFTA countries, since our gained surplus in external trade amounted to $108 million, resulting mainly from the exports of food and furniture industry. Observed by countries, the greatest surplus was gained in the external trade with Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Albania.

The main export products: electrical cables for car industry, other cables and conductors, passenger cars, car parts and components, plastic pipes for sewerage systems, furniture and wood-based panels, machine parts and food products.

The main import products are car parts and components, passenger cars and other motor vehicles, cables, conductors and other electrical products, chemical products for agricultural protection, machines and devices and textiles.

The aim is to enable exports of finished products through new investments and not to export only raw materials and intermediate goods. The greatest investments in the Region derive from Slovenia, Italy and Germany, as well as recently from South Korea.

Car industry with a long tradition in Kragujevac, will be recovered by Fiat. After car assembly of Punto Classic, Fiat Automobile Serbia is investing in necessary infrastructure, machinery and equipment for the production of the new model 500L. Equipment for production of the new model arrives to Kragujevac from Japan, Italy, Germany and other European countries. Fiat also brings component suppliers from Italy that will be located near Kragujevac. The factory should be capable of producing between 200.000 and 300.000 vehicles per year, mostly for export to Europe and the United States.

As one of the top five investors in the whole country, Slovenia was the first investor in the Region, mainly in the production of car parts and components.

South Korea's Yura Corporation opened three factories in Serbia, producing electrical components for the automotive industry. One of these factories is located in Rača, the place near the City of Kragujevac.

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