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Export structure of the Region is gradually being changed. Among top export products, more and more are present processing phases of products, and less secondary raw materials. In the near future, this export structure will be changed, due to the export of new FIAT model, "L500", primarily on the markets of USA and India. Then, the passenger car will be export product number one of the region.

Regarding investments, countries with most valuable investments in the region are Italy, Slovenia, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Bulgaria and Korea.

Šumadija and Pomoravlje region is known by the three key economy sectors:

  1. Metal and electro industry
  2. Wood industry
  3. Food industry
  1. In the scope of metal industry, dominant role has automotive industry (production of passenger cars and spare parts) then follow:
    • Production of machines and equipment
    • Production of tools
    • Manufacturing of metal products
    • Production of special superstructures
    • Construction und parts of construction
    • Sports and hunting weapon
  2. In the scope of wood industry, dominant is production of furniture and MDF.
  3. In food industry, dominate mineral water, alcohol and alcohol free beverages, meat products, sweets, fruit processing and canning, and other products for the nutrition of people and animals.

In 2012, after 22 years, economy of Šumadija and Pomoravlje region has positive balance in foreign trade, due to the export of parts for automotive industry.

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