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One of the most important activities of the Regional Chamber of Commerce Kragujevac, at the moment, is realisation of project ADRIAtinn, which main aim is to support members of RCC Kragujevac and economy of the region Šumadija and Pomoravlje. Within this project, in the RCC Kragujevac operates HELPDESK service for the business community. The main task of this HELPDESK is to provide information to business subjects, regarding:

      »         Funds on disposal, which they can use for development of their business ideas
      »         Networking, searching of adequate partner (companies, R&D institutions, individuals), in the country and abroad, for mutual development of business ideas
      »         Providing legal and accountant's advices, within experts' support
ADRIATinn aims to increase the competitiveness of the Adriatic area SMEs (help them maintain the market share they currently have and extent their business and penetrate to new markets) and through creation of cross border ecosystem to foster ICT adoption, innovation and specialization.

21 partners from eight countries of the Adriatic area are participating in this project, from: Greece, Italy, Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania and Montenegro. Help desk is created in all of these countries and they are networked, which will significantly speed up the process of providing information to the economy.

Considering that, in the realisation of ADRIATinn are included companies from the energy sector and bioeconomy (including food production, tourism, sport and recreation…) as well as from mixed sectors, especially attention will be paid on the needs of companies from these sectors.

Target groups in the focus, are Start-up and Spin-off companies which will be in position to get additional practical legal and accountant's help, regarding defining strategies of market appearance and development, creation of business plan, overcoming challenges and shortening the time before entering the market.

HELPDESK will provide a list of experts services, on demand.

Please, send your request to the down mentioned contact person and we will provide you with an answer as soon as possible.

Name: Saša Ćurčić
Phone/fax: +381 34 33 44 32